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Flat / Patti

Mild Steel Flat Pakistan: Latest Mild Steel Flat/Patti Price in Pakistan

Quality MS Flats for Cost-Effective Solutions

As reputable suppliers of MS Flats, we are renowned for delivering top-grade products at the most competitive prices. Our focus is on helping our clients achieve cost savings in fabrication and construction. By providing robust and dependable steel flats, we empower our clients with materials that exhibit exceptional attributes: strength, flexibility, and reduced carbon content. These qualities translate into outstanding performance across various applications.

Diverse Range for Versatile Applications

Our collection of MS Flat products comes in an array of shapes and sizes, catering to a wide spectrum of needs. Whether you're fastening screws to walls or hanging weights from ceiling fans, our flawless materials enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your projects.

Building with Confidence

Mild Steel Flat/Patti finds its place in crafting gates, doors, window screens, and a plethora of other construction components. Known for its structural integrity and robustness, it stands as a highly resilient building material. Commonly referred to as Cold Rolled Flat, it spans a thickness range of 2mm to 250mm, ensuring compatibility with various requirements.

Diverse Product Range for Expansive Markets

The diversity within our Mild Steel Flat/Patti category resonates significantly in the markets it serves. Its broad product range covers a wide spectrum of existing markets, making it a versatile solution for numerous applications.

Real-Time Insights for Informed Decisions

Empowering your decision-making, we offer real-time iron and steel pricing, alongside historical data. This unique feature allows you to track price evolution over time, identifying opportune moments for strategic purchases.

Flexible Payment Options

Tailoring convenience to your preferences, we offer a selection of over 12 payment methods. Choose the option that aligns seamlessly with your requirements.

At our core, we don't just provide materials; we provide solutions that empower your projects. Elevate your construction endeavors with our reliable Mild Steel Flat/Patti offerings.

Flat / Patti
Steel Rate in Pakistan Today
Product Size 1/16" 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 3/8"
3/4" 262 262 262 272 272
1-1/4" 262 262 262 272 272
1-1/2" 262 262 262 272 272
1/2" 267 267 272 272 272
1" 263 263 263 268 268
2" 263 263 263 268 268
3" 0 297 297 297 297
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